IQN offers exemption to the candidates based on their prior learning. If you have already achieved a qualification, then you may claim exemption on the relevant IQN qualification. Exemption decision is given on case by case basis after submitting the necessary documents to IQN.

Our assessment on students’ qualifications takes into account a number of variables, which may cause students with similar qualifications to be awarded differing levels of exemption. These variables include:

• The institution or campus where studies were undertaken

• The type of qualification that was awarded

• The programme of study undertaken

• The subject major stated on the completion certificate, transcript or other documents

• The modules studied during the course of the qualification

• The year studies were commenced or completed

Renunciation of exemption

We do not provide specific feedback to independent students regarding the assessment of exemption. However, the most common reason for declining exemption application is syllabus mismatch. If our assessors/academic team found that the syllabus you studied in your previous studies does not reflect 100% of our syllabus, then the outcome is usually negative.

How to Apply for Exemption

To apply for evaluating your eligibility for exemptions, candidates are requested to follow the steps accordingly.

Step 1: Register with IQN
Please visit here and complete a free registration. After successfully completing your registration, you will get your IQN candidate ID number.

Step 2: Fill-up the RPL Application form
Download the RPL Application from here and fill it up correctly. Do not forget to mention your INQ Candidate ID to ensure the acceptance of your application by the IQN.

Step 3: Send application through email
After filling the application form, please email it to along with the relevant supporting documents.

Few Notes

• Candidate must register with IQN before applying for exemption

• IQN Candidate ID number must be mentioned in the application form

• Only official proof of any achieved qualification (full academic transcript and certificate) is acceptable

• Online print out documents must be signed and stamped by the awarding body

• Candidates are required to send English notarised copies of documents in case the documents are in languages other than English

Exemption Fee

Candidate interested to receive the exemption will need to pay the exemption fee for each IQN qualification. The standard exemption fee is £129 for each exam/unit exempted and due only after confirmation of exemption.