Who is it for?

IQN accreditation is an exclusive service for universities or other awarding institutes that awards degrees, diplomas or professional courses. Through IQN accreditation, your university courses are mapped to our selected qualification, enabling you to offer your students an extra qualification through their existing journey. IQN accreditation can be availed for any IQN diploma or professional certifications. IQN accreditation is a great way to differentiate your university course from other alternatives in your market.

What it means for university students?

With IQN accreditation, your university courses are aligned with IQN syllabus and curriculum. IQN accreditation means no extra work for university students, making it even more appealing. Students will get dual qualifications: one from your university and the other from IQN.


Benefits for the university students

IQN accreditation has lots of benefits for the students.

▪ Students can gain an additional qualification, while they study with your university
▪ Upon graduation, students widen their recognition and increase level of employability and transferable skills
▪ Students get the opportunity to complete a pathway that incorporates enriched curriculum designed by IQN
▪ Students get recognised for their academic and personal development through dual awards
▪ Students on the accredited programme get discounts on their IQN exemption fees

Partner with us

We help the universities to attract, retain and motivate students – and set them on the path to their professional qualification and a successful career. Through IQN accreditation, your university can offer a fast-track route to IQN qualification for your students. This helps you boost your reputation and enrich your syllabus. To know the next step towards your university course accreditation, please drop us an email at support@iqnglobal.com.