CBM certification is ideal if you are passionate about the key aspects of business and management, or want to explore different roles while keeping your options open. The certification is an excellent choice if you want to gain the sort of multidimensional perspective of business that will help you rise to the top. The certification will equip you with the knowledge to prepare and interpret financial statements, develop marketing strategies, and understand human resource management issues.

Why choose the CBM certification?

How to complete CBM

There is no formal entry requirement to study the CBM certification. We welcome professionals who will be able to stand out in the business world by achieving the certification. We also welcome individuals who are planning to develop their career in different management positions or entrepreneurship.
There are three simple steps to successfully complete the certification:

Step 1: Registration

First step is to complete a quick registration with us. Click here to register your interest and confirm your country of residence. Once you complete this free registration, we will contact you through email and guide you through the next steps.

Step 2: Study

Our students are supported by our registered study centres located in different parts of the world. If we have a registered centre in your location, we will introduce you to the centre. The centre will provide you study materials and arrange preparation classes for the CBM exams. If you do not have any registered centre in your location, we will share free coursebooks with you so that you can study independently. Kindly note we do not allow ‘self-study’ in locations where we already have a registered centre.

Step 3: Exam

Once your preparation is complete, you can take the CBM exams at any convenient time of the year. CBM exams are available on-demand in 175 countries through Pearson VUE Test Centres. If you are studying with a registered centre, they will assist you to schedule your exams with Pearson VUE. If you are studying independently, you will need to register your exams through Pearson VUE website.

Exam Structure

There are three exams in the CBM certification: (1) Accounting (2) Human Resource Management (3) Marketing Management. You have the complete freedom to attempt the exams in any order you prefer. Duration of each exam is 60 minutes and total mark is 100. You will need to get minimum 50% marks to pass in each exam. If you fail, you can always resit the exam at a convenient time. There is no restriction on the number of resits that you can attempt.

Unit Title No. of MCQs Total marks Pass marks
Accounting 35 MCQs 100 marks 50%
Human Resource Management 50 MCQs 100 marks 50%
Marketing Management 50 MCQs 100 marks 50%


Our exam fee is £129 for each unit. Exam fees are payable through Pearson VUE web account. If you fail in your first exam, you can always resit by paying only £49. If you are studying with a registered centre, you will need to pay tuition fees to the centre.

Unit Title Exam fee (each) Resit fee (each resit) Tuition fees Coursebooks
Accounting £129 £49 Decided by the centre Free
Human Resource Management £129 £49 Decided by the centre Free
Marketing Management £129 £49 Decided by the centre Free


Stand out to your employers by gaining professional certifications alongside your degree. If you already have achieved a recognised qualification in accounting, HRM or marketing, then you can claim exemptions from the CBM exams.
To submit your exemption application for a free assessment, please click here. If your exemption application is successful, you will need to pay the exemption fees within 30 days of your initial application. Our exemption fees are exactly same as our exam fees.

Further Information

If you need further information about the CBM certification, please contact us at support@iqnglobal.com.