IQN Diploma in Business Management is nationally recognised in the Scotland (UK). The qualification has been SCQF credit rated at Level 7 with 120 credit points.

The qualification is broadly equivalent to first year of UK university degree programmes. The diploma is referenced as a level 5 qualification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).


In order to achieve the diploma, students are required to successfully complete five compulsory units in two stages.

• Stage 1: Human Resource Management, Strategic Management and Financial Accounting
• Stage 2: Project Management and Economics

Unit Title SCQF Credit points SCQF Level
Human Resource Management 20 6
Strategic Management 25 8
Financial Accounting 30 7
Project Management 30 7
Economics 15 7
  Total 120 credit points SCQF Level 7

Assessment and Fees

The following IQN fee structure is valid until December 2018.

Stage Unit Title


Assessment Fees Re-sit/Re-submission fees
Stage 1 Human Resource Management MCQ exam GBP 129 GBP 49
Strategic Management MCQ exam GBP 129 GBP 49
Financial Accounting MCQ exam GBP 129 GBP 49
Stage 2 Project Management Assignment GBP 19 GBP 19
Economics Assignment GBP 19 GBP 19

Entry Criteria

It is centre’s responsibility to evaluate and recruit students who would be suitable for this diploma programme. While recruiting international students, centres must ensure relevant immigration and visa regulations are strictly followed.

General entry criteria

• IGCSE/O-Level or their international equivalent.
• Students MUST have required level of competency in English.
• Desired level of computing proficiency is required since all exams are computer-based.

Duration & Registration Validity

The diploma can be completed in 9-12 months of full-time study. All students MUST complete the diploma within 18 months. Students failing to complete the programme within this time period will NOT be able to re-sit for any remaining unit(s) of programme.


There is no overall grading for the whole qualification. Each unit will be graded/evaluated independently. The assessment outcome for each unit is either Pass or Fail.

Further Information

If you need further information about the qualification, please contact us at