Who is it for?


Managers responsible for strategic decisions


Business management students


Someone with a general interest in business strategy


●   Objectives, position and strategy of business     ●

●   Strategic choices to meet the objectives of a business  ●

●   Organisational structure    ●

●    and change management to construct appropriate business plan    ●

Download Diploma in Strategic Management Prospectus, (PDF, 1.62 MB)

Exam and Fees


Total cost if you pass in first attempt: £99


Total cost if you pass in second attempt:
£99 + £49


Total cost if you pass in third attempt:
£99 + £49 + £49

If you decide to take tuition support, you will need to pay for the classes arranged by your training centre. You may contact one of our Registered Training Centres for tuition support. However, registration is still free. You will need to pay exam fee when you are ready to sit for the exam. If you are unable to pass in your first attempt of exam, you can retake the exam by paying £49 only. Total you pay: £99 + tuition fees

International Recognition

Recognised at UK 
Qualifications Framework

Recognised at UK Qualifications Framework. SCQF is a scottish credit rating agency responsible for rating different diploma and university qualifications.


The EQF enables the learners, learning providers and employers to compare qualifications between different national systems.

Jointly awarded by IQN and SQA

Jointly awarded by IQN and Scottish Qualifications Authority. SQA is the national regulatory authority of Scotland.