Human resource issues impact every organisation in some way. That’s why it’s important to understand the fundamental issues surrounding HR today. Employing and managing the right people is critical to the growth and sustainability of every organisation. With the IQN Diploma in Human Resource Management (HRM), you can make a difference and contribute to HR solutions across any industry.


IQN Diploma in Human Resource Management is recognised on the Scottish Qualifications & Credit Framework (SCQF). SCQF is one of the national qualifications frameworks in the UK. In order to be on the SCQF, IQN Diploma has gone through a rigorous, quality assured process of ‘credit rating’.

Qualification Title Diploma in Human Resource Management
SCQF Level 7
EQF Level 5
Credits 10

How can I complete the diploma?

The diploma can be studied at one of our registered centres, which are located in different countries of the world. Registered centres (a) offer exam preparation classes, (b) provide study materials and (c) conduct exams.
Click here to register your interest to study the diploma. We will aim to introduce you to a registered centre near your location.

What will I learn?

The syllabus of the diploma includes the practice of HRM, orgnisational behaviour, employee behaviour, learning and development, human resource planning, recruitment, selection, performance management, reward management, employee relations and contemporary concepts in HRM.

Duration & Preparation

Total time to complete the diploma will depend on your academic or professional background. Exam can be arranged any time of the year by your centre. Study materials are made available to your centre, including syllabus, coursebook and practice questions. Hence, you can take whatever time you feel appropriate for your preparation.
Centres can also arrange exam preparation classes with varied duration and schedule. However, it may not take more than three months to complete the diploma.


In order to complete the diploma, you will have to pass a computer based MCQ exam. The exam questions are independently set by IQN and marked automatically by online system. The exam is conducted by your centre. If you unfortunately fail, you can always re-attempt to pass the exam. Re-sit exams are also conducted at your centre’s premises.

Total number of exams 1
Duration of the exam 60 Minutes
Number of MCQs and total marks 50 MCQs x 2 marks = 100 marks
Pass marks 50%
Exam Date Available on-demand

In addition to the fees charged by your centre, you will need to pay exam fees to IQN through your centre. Our standard exam fee is £129 and re-sit fee is £49. However, we have discounted exam fee which is applicable only for students from certain countries. For details about discounted exam fee, please contact us.

Local fee charged by the centre Decided by your centre
Standard exam fee (payable to IQN) £129
Discounted exam fee (payable to IQN) Please contact us for details
Re-sit fee (payable to IQN) £49