Supply Chain Management is an integral part of most businesses and is essential to organisation’s success and customer satisfaction. With IQN Diploma in Supply Chain Management, you will have a clearer understanding of how to minimise damage caused by supply chain disruptions, strategise and operationalise risk management procedures, and initiate cost reduction efforts. This powerful combination will drive your supply chain’s success and contribute to your organisation’s competitive edge in the marketplace.


IQN Diploma in Supply Chain Management is recognised on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework as a level 7 qualification. SCQF is one of the national qualifications frameworks in the UK. In order to be on the SCQF, IQN diploma has gone through a rigorous, quality assured process of ‘credit rating’. The diploma is referenced as a level 5 qualification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

How can I complete the diploma?

The diploma can be studied at one of our registered centres, which are located in different countries of the world. Registered centres (a) offer exam preparation classes, (b) provide study materials and (c) conduct exams. Click here to register your interest to study the diploma. We will aim to introduce you to a registered centre near your location.

What will I learn?

The syllabus of the diploma includes logistics and SCM, competitive strategy, delivering customer value, going to market, measuring logistics costs and performance, matching supply and demand, creating the responsive supply chain, strategic lead-time management, the synchronous supply chain, the supply chain complexity, and managing the global pipeline.

Duration & Preparation

Total time to complete the diploma will depend on your academic or professional background. Exam can be arranged any time of the year by your centre. Study materials are made available to your centre, including syllabus, textbook and practice questions. Hence, you can take whatever time you feel appropriate for your preparation. Centres can also arrange exam preparation classes with varied duration and schedule. However, it may not take more than three months to complete the diploma.


In order to complete the diploma, you will have to pass a computer based MCQ exam. The exam questions are independently set by IQN and marked automatically by online system. The exam is conducted by your centre at a schedule that is convenient for you. If you unfortunately fail, you can always re-attempt to pass the exam. Re-sit exams are also conducted ‘on-demand’ at your centre’s premises.

Exam duration No. of MCQs Total marks Pass marks
60 Minutes 50 MCQs 100 marks 50%


In addition to the fees charged by your centre, you will need to pay exam fees to IQN through your centre. IQN exam fees are customised for different countries. For details about our exam fees, please contact us or visit IQN Registered Centre near your location.


I think the opportunity to earn the IQN Diploma in Supply Chain Management is amazing. It gives me confidence that I have been trained and educated in Global Supply Chain Management.


Trenton Vernal Fuggins
Norco College, California USA

Awesome opportunity! Very thankful to have earned this Diploma and looks great overall. Will definitely be proud to include this to my resume and look forward to seeing what this accredited institution offers to help upcoming graduates in the pursuit of being in the logistics/supply chain management industry.

Vitsanu Victor Kunkang
Norco College, California USA


I was in a quagmire about supply chain management. This diploma helped me gain two things together – learning and skill building. Now I feel right on track.


Blessing Emesome Ugbodaga