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IQN Diploma

We offer accredited, flexible and fast-track diplomas to help you upskill, or prepare you for a new career in business. Our diplomas are exclusively offered by our centres and suited to professionals, students, or anyone with an interest in our specialist areas:

▪ SCQF Level 7 Diploma in HRM
▪ SCQF Level 7 Diploma in Marketing
▪ SCQF Level 7 Diploma in Supply Chain Management
▪ SCQF Level 7 Diploma in Hospitality Management
▪ SCQF Level 5 Diploma in Business English

Our diplomas can be studied at one of our registered centres, which are located around the world. Registered centres (a) offer exam preparation classes, (b) provide study materials and (c) conduct diploma exams. Click here to register your interest to study our diplomas. We will aim to introduce you to a registered centre near your location.

Total time required to complete the diploma will depend on your academic or professional background. Exams can be arranged any time of the year by your centre. Study materials are made available to your centre, including syllabus, coursebook and practice questions. Hence, you can take whatever time you feel appropriate for your preparation.

In addition to the fees charged by your centre, you will need to pay exam fees to IQN through your centre. We have standard exam fee and re-sit fee. However, we have discounted exam fee which is applicable only for students from certain countries. For details about fees, please  contact us .

IQN Certifications

We offer four professional certifications: CFS, GCMA, CSM and CPMA. All of our professional certifications are jointly certificated by IQN and Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

There are no formal entry requirements to study our professional certifications. These are open to all – from school leavers to post graduates and employees who want to increase their knowledge and skills in financial management or project management. However, IQN certifications may be of particular interest to working professionals, university students and individuals with general interest in finance, accounting, project or business management. Click here to register your interest to study our professional certifications.

If we have a registered centre near your location, you will have to study with the centre. If we don’t have a registered centre in your location, only then we will share free guidelines with you so that you can study independently. Once your preparation is complete, you can take our certification exams any time of the year. These exams are available in 175 countries through Pearson VUE Test Centres. For details about exam registration, please visit our microsite at Pearson VUE.

Our exam fee is £129 per exam. Exam fees are payable through Pearson VUE web account. Exam fees become due only when you decide to take the exam. If you fail your first exam, you can resit by paying only £49. Tuition fees set by the centre are in addition to IQN exam fee. Kindly note we do not allow any ‘independent study’ in locations where we have registered centre.