175 countries

Available in 175 countries

IQN qualifications are offered in association with Pearson VUE. Exams are available anytime in more than 4,500 test centres spread across more than 175 countries. You can sit for the exams, wherever you are at your convenience!


Recognised in the UK

IQN qualifications are recognised in Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF), which is one of the national qualification frameworks in the UK. Essentially, IQN qualifications are comparable against European Qualifications Framework.


Study support

We brand our qualifications into two segments: ‘Centre-quals’ & ‘Global Courses’. ‘Centre-quals’ are available only through our registered training centres. ‘Global courses’ can be studied either independently or through training centres.


MMI, Myanmar

Certificate Award Ceremony 2016


HumanPro, Kuwait

Registered Training Centre


Aquinas, Sri Lanka

Certificate Award Ceremony 2015