Set yourself apart from the crowd with
proven strategic management capabilities

This is an era in which the job market is replete with recent graduates and seasoned professionals seeking to make both lateral and upwards moves in their careers. You really need every bit of an edge you can get to set your name apart from the seas of professional competition and rise above the noise to achieve your professional objectives.

It’s no longer enough just to list your degree and learning institution. It’s no longer enough to simply list your best traits as professional qualifications. What really establishes your credibility as a major contender is hard evidence that you are a proven professional in your field.

With the CSM certification on your resume, you will be well equipped to really make your case as you seek to further your career and explore your options in the workplace. And as Certified Strategic Manager, you’ll have a significant advantage over others who seek leadership and management positions.

Upon the completion of CSM certification, you will have the command of Strategic Management Body of Knowledge (SMBOK), ultimately gaining the understanding and competence to jumpstart your career. Let’s make it happen!

Why choose the CSM certification?

How to complete CSM?


In order to achieve the CSM credential, you need to pass a computer based MCQ exam. Duration of the exam is 60 minutes and total mark is 100. You will need to get minimum 50% marks to pass the exam. If you fail, you can resit the exam maximum 4 times.

Exam duration No. of MCQs Total marks Pass marks
60 Minutes 50 MCQs 100 marks 50%

Re-sit exams

If you unfortunately fail in your first exam attempt, you will be allowed four re-sit exam opportunities. That is, you will have total five exam attempts to successfully complete the certification. However, all re-sit exams must be taken within two years from your first exam attempt date.


The CSM exam fee is £129. Exam fee is payable through Pearson VUE account. Resit fee is only £29. If you are studying with a registered centre, you will need to pay tuition fees to the centre. £20 discount available on exam fee until 29 February 2020.

Exam fee Resit fee (each resit) Tuition fees Coursebook


Decided by the centre


Exam Preparation

If we have a registered centre in your location, you will need to attend CSM exam preparation classes with the centre. If we do not have any registered centre in your location, we will share free coursebook with you so that you can study independently. Our CSM coursebook is sufficient to ensure exam success. Our practice questions are important to evaluate your own progress and preparation. Survey shows that majority of our students successfully complete the certification in three months. However, you can take as much time as you need for your preparation.


Stand out to your employers by gaining professional certifications alongside your degree. If you already have achieved a recognised course or qualification in strategic management, then you can claim exemption from the CSM exam. Click here to submit your exemption application for a free assessment. If your exemption application is successful, you will need to pay the exemption fees within 30 days of your initial application. Our exemption fees are exactly same as our exam fees.

Further Information

If you need further information about the CSM certification, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than glad to assist you!